Jacob Zukowski Poster


Jacob Zukowski is an American actor from Detroit, Michigan. He is the oldest of 6 siblings, a spot he shares with his twin brother Joshua. Jacob began acting in middle school and high school, starring in theater productions like Much Ado About Nothing and Into The Woods. Jacob also repeatedly made a habit of borrowing his dads camcorder after school and filming his own projects with his friends. Some of those projects include: the YouTube series "Ethred and JoJo, Nerds", "The Tomorning Show" and "The St. Valentines Day Massacre... What Really Happened!". After high school though Jacob decided not to attend college and instead began working as a carpenter with his uncle. He worked with the company for 5 years before realizing that he wanted to return to his passion of acting and moved to Los Angeles, California in October, 2017. He has since starred in several short films, some of which have had runs in Film Festivals around the country.