Tristan Bumm Poster


Tristan Bumm was born in 1990 in Karlsruhe, Germany. In addition to the first acting experience at first, he concentrated on his studies in philosophy. Especially Nietzsche's texts animated him to fulfill his dream and becoming a professional actor. Henceforth, Tristan took part in a variety of acting seminars at Berlin and abroad. He lived a year in Norway and half the year in Iceland. In 2016, he participated in various short films. 2017 he appeared in several commercials and music videos. For example he is seen in the production of "O K" by the young filmmaker Liza Morberg and James Blunt. Tristan worked two times in Russia already. The release of the film "321st Siberian" by Solbon Lygdenov is planned for the year 2018.