Milan Ray Poster


Milan Ray is an old soul actor who at an early age was wise and patient beyond her years. She has been acting and modeling since she was about 6 years old. At this tender age, she could be seen and/or heard in numerous commercials and VOs for many international companies and social media campaigns. Her most popular ~ a national Wal-Mart Trolls commercial ~ had over 12 million collective views on YouTube. Milan has consistently played roles of strong, determined young tween/teen aged girls with lots of perseverance. Her roles in several big films include the character, 'Hell-No' in Amazon's Troop Zero and 'Shay' in HBO's Charm City Kings. Her recent TV guest star role as 'young Lil' on Amazon's Modern Love was her favorite to date since she not only played a strong, opinionated young teen but also enjoyed the trendy wardrobe that she got to wear in the episode as well. Milan loves being active & fit. She also enjoys volunteering at various animal charities. When she is traveling, she prefers to take her rabbit, Zara, along to share in the adventures. Milan is always seeking a new challenge. Right now, she's teaching herself to speak Japanese! Milan works hard to continue succeeding with new and exciting TV & Film roles. She's got her eyes set on directing one day, along with winning an Academy Award in the not-so-distant future!

Milan is (2021) currently cast as a series regular on ABC's new rendition of The Wonder Years. Her role of Keisa Clemmons is akin to the role of Winnie Cooper in the original series which was played by Danica McKellar. The new series is (2021) currently in production and debuts on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 on ABC. Milan is represented by Jennifer Millar at Paradigm Talent and managed by Margo Manning at Manning Entertainment.