Julyah Rose Poster


Julyah Rose is an experienced international model, actress, and singer. Born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey she realized her passion for the performing arts at a young age after being inspired by Broadway in New York City. Julyah Rose's parents brought her to Radio City Music Hall, as well as jazz clubs, famed theaters, and live music venues around New York City. As a child, she was also exposed to many great art museums like The Metropolitan Museum and The Brooklyn Museum. Her favorite classes in school were choir and theater.

When she was 14 years old Julyah moved with her family to a cattle ranch on the Arizona/Mexico border. She received a full scholarship to Arizona State University where she graduated with degrees in Film and Theater, and Business Communications. While in college she sang in the women's choir and was accepted to a prestigious program to study abroad in Florence, Italy. While studying abroad, Julyah began working with Italian fashion photographers to develop her portfolio, including Fabrizio Romagnoli, who published her photos in Vogue Italia. This experience motivated her to become a full time fashion model.

In 2014, Julyah moved to New York City and her career as a fashion model skyrocketed. She worked for notable clients including: Tigi Bedhead, New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, Nike, Gucci Bamboo Perfume, Oribe, Wella, The New York Korean Fashion Festival, Cocco Bella Boutique Italy, Harley Davidson Fashions, Bumble and Bumble, Revlon, Ed Hardy, Bloomingdale's, and Mac Cosmetics; just to name a few.

Julyah's passion for singing and acting has landed her roles in music videos, commercials, television, and films. She has worked with the likes of Quentin Tarantino and Jay Manuel (America's Next Top Model). Julyah Rose has also worked for major networks, studios, and television programs like West World, HBO, Modern Family, Paramount, Universal, and many more.

Julyah also produced and directed three of her own artistic short films, one of which was submitted to the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. Her short film, "Do Not Disturb" is set to make the circuit to film festivals in 2020. She founded her own boutique production company, Rose Thorn Productions.

In addition to her success in fashion and entertainment, Julyah Rose strives to be a social activist who wants to be a positive role model in society, inspiring others to follow their passions and make a positive difference in their communities. Julyah Rose is a vocal advocate of women's rights and women's empowerment. She is passionate about her family's history in New York City, dating back hundreds of years. She is also passionate about Italian-American and Irish-American culture. Julyah Rose speaks fluent English, Spanish, and Italian, a skill she has used as an actress and model.