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Quotes (7)

  • No matter what else happens, be thankful, keep grinding, keep pushing, you are blessed with great opportunities ahead of you, and commit to your dreams.
  • I love a Challenge and I look forward to more challenges in the future.
  • I spent thanksgiving week (2019) preparing for the role Ted for the film Tears of the Clown. It was hard that I couldn't go see my family, but they understood that they wanted me to do the film first, but that absence of not seeing them helped me find that character along with my coach helping me as well, and I performed that role really well on my set dates.
  • I hate social media, but it helps with our market.
  • At a point in my life where I was worrying about other people a lot , like why are they not doing this, or doing that, and, a United States Marine Veteran told me, don't worry about other people, focus on you, its there lost not yours. When he told me that, I lived by his words from that point on.
  • Pleasing people doesn't always lead to happiness, you have to do what's best for you, not for them.
  • It doesn't matter how many films you booked, the training to get better, and to stay in shape for this industry never stops.