Matthew Conway Poster

Trivia (11)

Played High School basketball, and football against Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Ryan Switzer.

Played Middle School basketball, and High School football with Green Bay Packers Fullback Elijah Wellman.

Grew up in the same hometown in Huntington, West Virginia alongside with former NBA stars Bill Walker, O.J. Mayo, and current Los Angeles Clippers Power Forward Patrick Patterson.

He audition for two supporting roles for The Dark Forever Winter film directed by Chip Rossetti, lost both roles to Jim. E Chandler (Tommy), and Dominick Wilkins (Jeb) .

Got into heavy metal music a month after he graduated High School.

His top actors are Frank Grillo, Josh Holloway, Denzel Washington, Robert Downey JR, and Heath Ledger.

Has two tattoo symbols of his number one heavy metal band Slipknot on his upper body.

Had a sun burnt while filming The Riddle of the Spiders Web.

He has two adopted sisters Aisha, and Keiko Conway.

He is the oldest of two.

Grew his beard for his role as Rodd Biggleston for the film Black Wolf.