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She is of Romanian Jewish (father) and Swiss (mother) descent.

From late May 2019, at the time of the release in quick succession of Booksmart (2019) and Ma (2019), a significant number of Twitter users (apparently mostly, though not exclusively, queer women), declared Diana Silvers to be 'white boy of the month'. 'White boy of the month' is a twitter meme, usually referring to an upcoming actor who is deemed attractive and who gains a sudden surge of interest. Past examples have included Timothée Chalamet and Will Poulter. Silvers became aware of this and discussed it with amusement and pride in a 29 May 2019 Build Series NYC interview with Brittany Jones-Cooper, expressing hope that the fact would be recorded on her IMDB page.

She has a sister.

American model who has worked with the Wilhelmina and IMG modeling agencies. She has graced the pages of magazines like U.K. Elle, been photographed by famous photographers like Raul Romo and modeled for Brandy Melville USA.

She has more than 360,000 followers on Instagram.

She has cited Cara Delevingne as a fashion inspiration.

She grew up in the Los Angeles area of California.