Juan Netts Poster


Juan Netts is an American actor, composer, comedian, producer, rapper, and songwriter; known for Doing Everything You Can (2018) and Blancos (2018). Juan grew up in one of the most crime infested cities in Northeast Ohio; East Cleveland, a small adjacent suburb of Cleveland, OH; consistently plagued with fights, gangs, and violence. Not many people are able to make a complete 180 mph turn around such as Juan Netts also known as Overdrive Juan. (2013) Beginning his career at the height of the music industry; he has speedily taken the Movie and Entertainment Arts industry by surprise; many say that "he has completely performed a complete opposite turnaround of the person they once used to be." Trust and believe it was for the better. Over the past decade the entertainment industry has been rapidly changing; Few artist have been able to master not only change along with it, but also stay ahead of the curve. Amongst those few Juan Netts is a true stand out; He goes by the moniker, Overdrive Juan. Achieving success throughout his musically based career; Juan decided to advance his skills to the next level in the entertainment industry, by pursuing his goal of a successful acting career. Juan has recorded hundreds of songs and performed in countless shows; therefore is no stranger to the spot light. He has garnered a huge internet and offline following; His drive and passion for growth in the entertainment industry has recently taken him to new levels. (2016) Relocating from Cleveland, OH to Atlanta, GA followed by Orlando, FL. Juan learned the art of filming Mastering The "Sanford Meisner" techniques not only in front, but as well as behind the camera. Wearing the title "The Greatest Flowman" well; Juan electrifies audiences with his acting versatility and powerful presence. Growing up among-st his uncles, he was always quoted as the young "Playboi Juan," because of his looks and style, but life to Juan was never too sweet due to seeing what his mother went through to raise two children, his sister and himself. If papa was a "rolling stone," well then I guess he lived up to it; when Juan was 4 he didn't know why he had to pack his bags and move from Houston, TX. to Cleveland, OH.; his mother had to move and do what was best. A vicious and turbulent break-up later led to a violent streak with young Juan seeing his father attempt to kill his mother. With the Universes blessings; his mother survived the venomous vengeance brought on by a man that couldn't take not being wanted by a woman that just wanted better for her children. That day changed Juan in a manner to appreciate and full-fill greatness in a woman; and adores her for her inner beauty as much as her outer beauty. Juan is more known among-st his peers for his debonair wit, lavish personality and divine drive of ambition. The talented Actor is notching his mark with buoyancy; not only in the music arts and entertainment business, but as a music entrepreneur investing in intellectual products. Juan is also known for his skillful Directing, Producing and screenwriting; marketing himself along with his Overdrive Movement Brand that believes there is No Speed Limit in Life... 0 - 320 in 1 second.

"I've always been a salesman; always been a hustler; always been my own investment; large risk equals a huge reward!" - Juan Netts