Baldwin Pulls Out of "Nazi" Arnie Film

Baldwin Pulls Out of

Actor Alec Baldwin has pulled out of an upcoming documentary charting California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's rise to political power, because of its Nazi undertones. The Pearl Harbor star claims he agreed to narrate the film, titled Running With Arnold, before learning his script would be accompanied by images of Nazi rallies and the Nazi party paperwork of Schwarzenegger's father. Now he's demanding his voice be removed from the project and has ordered his attorney to issue a cease-and-desist demand against the filmmakers. In a posting on The Huffington Post website he writes, "The film-makers hammer Schwarzenegger over his private behaviour and his record as governor. But Schwarzenegger deserves to be treated fairly and the film's images of Nazi rallies were over the line." However, producers insist Baldwin had plenty of opportunities to view footage before recording his part and deny the project is biased against the Republican governor. Mike Gabrawy says, "What's really shocking about this situation is that this is not really a critical look at Arnold - there's a lot more we could've done to be critical." Some images of the Third Reich have been replaced.