The movie named "f-word"

I will be using a word generally considered offensive a little later in this blog entry, so it's only prudent to tell you now. It is not an uncommon word, and I imagine every single one of my readers if quite familiar with it but nevertheless it's one of the new words that still possesses the power to offend.

The word, which you may have guessed, is fucking. It inspired an interesting question in my mail.

* * *

François Caron of Montréal, Québec wrote me:


"It's not a working title either. That's the actual movie title! It's even listed as such on IMDb! So, any plans to review it? And if so, how will you approach the delicate subject of mentioning the title in your column?

"There's an interesting situation with the movie; it received government funding just like every other major Canadian production. However, the Conservative government has a bill in the works,

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