Factory: "Pilot"

Spike TV’s first original sitcom Factory is about four working-class guys who talk a lot about sex, but otherwise there’s not much about the show that marks it as especially Spike-ish. It’s a very low-key kind of comedy, built around semi-improvised chatter and subtle character distinctions. It has more in common with something like Corner Gas than with Mxc. The main problem with Factory’s first episode—airing tonight at 10 Pm eastern, and also available for free right now on iTunes and at the Spike website—is that while it has an amiable tone, it’s never laugh-out-loud funny. The show’s premise is simple: four small-town factory workers (played by improv vets Mitch Rouse, David Pasquesi, Jay Leggett and Michael Coleman) strive to minimize their work time and maximize their coffee breaks, so they can gripe about their wives and ex-wives and their go-nowhere occupation. None of these characters really.

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