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Full Trailer For Fumihiko Sori’s Ichi!

You know what I love about Twitch readers? They have great taste, by which I of course mean taste very similar to my own, and so I know that when I head away from home for a few days - as I just did, traveling to Fantasia - I can count on them to find all the good stuff that I don’t have the time to go looking for myself. Such as what happened right now, when I received an email from regular reader Raku pointing out the full theatrical trailer for Fumihiko Sori’s Ichi.

Sori, of course, is the much loved director of Ping Pong and Vexille and this film is his re-envisioning of the classic Zatoichi story with a young girl replacing the older man as the wandering, sword wielding, blind masseur. I had the chance to catch this in the market at Cannes and while

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