Sarah Palin Supports Shooting Fish In A Barrel With A Grenade Launcher

By now you may have heard that Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin supports a practice called "aerial wolf gunning," a phrase that rolls off the tongue as smoothly as say, "subterranean eel stabbing," or "mechanical geese strangulation." You know what the words "aerial," "wolf" and "gunning" mean separately, but what do they mean together? Slate explains: Do people in Alaska really shoot wolves from planes? Yes, but only with the government's permission. Aerial shooting yields better results than traditional hunting, since it allows the hunter to cover a lot of ground quickly and track target animals from a clear vantage point. Historically, hunters also used planes to drive animals—polar bears in Alaska and elk in Montana, among others—toward gunmen waiting on the ground. But many hunters found the practice unsportsmanlike, since it violates the "fair chase" ethic, and animal rights activists call it...

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