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Ghost House Underground Report Card

When the announcement came that Ghost House Pictures was releasing its own line of edgy horror films under a new label called Ghost House Underground, we were pretty intrigued. Could they get away from their usual ultra-shiny PG-13 flavored spookfests long enough to successfully drop some real horror on us? Well, you're about to find out.

This October Ghost House Underground will release eight films (wow that seems like a magic number, eh?) under the new banner, and we've sunk our sharpened claws into every one of them to give you the scoop!

I have to say it's a mostly positive showing. Each film brings something different to the table, and most are very well done. If I were really grading, Ghost House Underground gets a solid B+ for the entire affair with the big winners being Dance of the Dead, No Man's Land: Rise of Reeker, and The Substitute.

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