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Exclusive grisly clips from indie shocker Sam Hell

The folks at Son of Jason Films sent Fangoria a trio of exclusive clips from their new fright feature Sam Hell; you can see them below. The movie was directed by Michael Bayouth, who was also one of the producers and gives the company its name: He’s the offspring of Ted White, who played masked maniac Voorhees in Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter.

“In Sam Hell, a young man who runs a Halloween spooky house finds what he believes to be an old movie prop at a yard sale, and decides to work it into his chilling attraction,” Bayouth tells Fango. “The grotesque decayed head in a cage turns out to be the real remains of a deranged mass murderer who begins to possess Sean, making him continue his bloody killing spree. When Sean’s girlfriend Jill realizes what’s happening, she enlists a pair of paranormal ass-kickers

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