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Interview: Eden Star Eileen Walsh

Winner of the Best Actress award at this year's Tribeca Film Festival, Eileen Walsh is an Irish actress known largely for stage work and an Irish TV show, Pure Mule. But her new movie Eden, which won her the award at Tribeca and opens today, has already introduced her to American audiences with her tender, heartbreaking performance as Breda, an ignored and lonely wife. The martial drama started as a play performed in Dublin, and Walsh knew the director, screenwriter, and her co-star Aidan Kelly, all of which went into making Eden the emotional experience it is. Having traveled again to New York while five months pregnant, Walsh talked to me about getting into her lonely character, and the grand experience of making the movie with who she calls "the boys." Were you in New York when the film was at the Tribeca Film Festival? I was here for three

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