NY Horror Film Fest Night 3: The Shorts (really impressive stuff)

1. Boxhead

Randall Kaplan, 21 min

Mmm… Boxhead. I’m not sure if I just happened to be around a specific group of people at the festival, but this film seemed to have a little buzz going for it, and understandably so. Boxhead is the Kafka meets Lynch meets Burroughs (via Cronenberg) tale of a man tortured by his inability to embrace life by an oddly-domed “thing” in his apartment. The acting is swell, and the lighting…let’s just say, may all filmmakers have such control of heavy contrast B&W. The characters are of the highly stylized variety (hence the aforementioned patriarchs of the alien macabre) and lend the film a very nude-and-not-quite-grounded-dream-like quality. It’s quality stuff.

2. Martians Go Home

Dan Moreno, 20 min

Martians Go Home is a great 1980s period piece that utilizes every effect, lighting cue, and shot angle from the me-generation of horror. The story revolves

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