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First Drag Me To Hell footage screened; (Ted) Raimi speaks

At the just-concluded American Film Market in Santa Monica, Fango caught a screening of two over-the-top scenes from Drag Me To Hell, Sam Raimi’s eagerly awaited return to screen terror, which opens on May 29 from Universal. From what we watched, Drag Me To Hell, which stars Alison (Beowulf) Lohman, Justin (Jeepers Creepers) Long, Sage (The Manson Family) Stallone, Jessica (Cloverfield) Lucas and David (Mighty Joe Young) Paymer, features the same mix of horror and humor that Raimi mined so well in his Evil Dead trilogy.

Clip #1 takes place in a deserted parking garage. The heroine, Christine (Lohman), is trapped inside her car, while a cackling gypsy woman (Bonnie Aarons) assaults her from the back seat. Christine slams on the accelerator and sends the old hag flying over the front seat, slamming her face-first into the dashboard and knocking out the crone’s dentures (!). At this point, said crone attempts

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