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Teaser Trailer for Polish Brothers' Sundance Film Manure

You don't want to watch a movie called Manure? Even if it's directed by the guys who last made The Astronaut Farmer? And even if it stars Billy Bob Thornton and Téa Leoni? If we haven't sold you yet, than maybe this teaser trailer or these photos will. Manure is showing at Sundance in January and today we've got a short teaser trailer to show you. What exactly is Manure? It's a comedy about manure salesmen in 1960s heartland America. And yes, it stars Billy Bob Thornton as that very salesman. Thanks to SlashFilm we've got this There Will Be Blood-like trailer that doesn't show much, but might be just enough. Watch the teaser trailer for Manure: Manure is directed by Michael Polish, of Twin Falls Idaho, Jackpot, Northfork, and The Astronaut Farmer previously. The screenplay was co-written by Michael and Mark Polish, aka the Polish Brothers, who

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