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Desh Drohi all set to release in Mumbai

Kamal Rashid Khan, also known as Krk, is indeed a happy man. His small time film Desh Drohi that made big news a couple of months due to it’s ’supposedly’ explosive theme and treatment is continuing to be in news this New Year as well. While the biggest of the film disappear within four weeks of making their money, Desh Drohi is ensuring that even amidst high profile releases like Chandni Chowk To China, Raaz - The Mystery Continues, Luck By Chance and Victory, it makes it’s presence felt. And that’s because the ban on Desh Drohi has been removed by High Court of Mumbai.

A Jagdish Sharma directed film; Desh Drohi was banned by the Maharshrtra state government for 60 days under the Bombay Cinema Regulation.

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