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Coisa Ruim Directors Return With Entre Os Dedos

In my opinion, Portuguese horror picture Coisa Ruim marked directors Tiago Guedes and Frederico Serra as major talents to watch, that film an elegantly constructed piece of work that relies on character and mood for effect rather than cheap jumps and hard edits. That the slow burner never really found an audience on the festival circuit has always kind of confused me but I’ve kept watching and now they’re back with their latest - a straight drama titled Entre Os Dedos.

Paulo looses his job after denouncing an accident at the construction site where he works. His relationship with his wife is getting worse, day by day. Bela, Paulo’s sister, lives with their father that suffers from post-war syndrome. She is a nurse and the only comfort for a terminal patient.

Modern families barely surviving the destiny that has entangle them. Some in defiance fight back; others

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