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Exclusive Interview with Takashi Miike

Amazing Photo Taken from Oddity Cinema’s Myspace page

While I didn’t have the chance to see Takashi Miike’s spin on Yatterman, the ‘70s anime hero that many of you know and love, I will say this: the man knows how to hype you up. After talking with him and receiving some surprisingly straight-forward answers, I was pretty excited to catch the film and hopefully the boys at the New York Asian Film Festival will give me and my fellow New Yorkers the opportunity to bask in its glorious camp glow without having to risk bodily harm thanks to the vicious Sho Sakurai fangirls that apparently turned up en force for the film’s premiere at last week’s New York Comic Con.

While I’m still not sure what comic Miike was talking about—crab western?! Crab Western?!—I loved his answers to my last two or

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