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A Comet, a thriller, and a trailer for Abraham's Point

For something that looks like it contains some beautifully shot dream sequences, Abraham's point seems to play out as a tale of healing for a man who starts out as ineffectual.

Comet Snape (Mackenzie Crook), a sullen and withdrawn furniture restorer who lives on his own in a claustrophobic city tower block, is plagued by waking nightmares. After a mishap at an auction house, Comet steals a grandfather clock and sets off on a road trip to take the clock across country to his dying father in the little coastal village where his parents still live. Sometimes poignant, often very funny, Abraham's Point takes Comet on a journey of redemption from the dark streets of a harsh and clattering London back to the beautiful open landscapes of Wales. Here in a shattering climax, we discover the dark secret that has haunted Comet for so long.

Trailer after the break.

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