‘Yahoo! Buzz’ Tries Taking ‘Diggnation’ Style to TV

And yet, that's exactly what's happening. Yahoo! Buzz is the search engine giant's answer to Digg—essentially, a social bookmarking service run from Yahoo's portal that opened for business early last year. Part of Digg's appeal was its associated weekly web series, Diggnation, which had former The Screen Savers hosts Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht review beer, act like fools, and present the top ten news items of the week with plenty of, ah, additional color. So, naturally, Yahoo wants to do a show of its own, aptly titled Yahoo! Buzz, and with industry giant 20th Television's help they're aiming to get it on the air. Meanwhile, the New York Times reported last month that the show is aiming to start syndication Fall 2009, and apparently Ananda Lewis of MTV fame has been tapped as a potential co-host.

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