New Yorker Films

New Yorker assets were auctioned off on March 12 by Technicolor. Meanwhile The Cinema Guild will launch a new home video label with two titles originally slated to go through New Yorker Home Video. The first release will be Christian Petzold’s Yella on March 31, and the second will be Alexander Sokurov’s Alexandra on April 28. The Cinema Guild will take over the distribution of three other titles, recently released through New Yorker Home Video, The Order of Myths and The Unforeseen - both Independent Spirit Award winners, and Primo Levi’s Journey.

Cinetic Rights Management recently closed a deal with Cinema Guild to help distribute their video titles online. This will begin in April with titles such as The Unforeseen. The films will be released on portals such as iTunes, Amazon VOD, Hulu, SnagFilms, Joost, and more.

Zeitgeist Films also made a related deal, acquiring the company’s Three Monkeys.

It is New Yorker Films' sincere hope that the purchaser of their assets will be a well qualified distributor with the intention and ability to manage and distribute the films in a manner consistent with New Yorker Film's 43 year history in the independent film world.