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Brain Dead, Best Worst Movie and Brutal screenings

• Monogram Releasing has announced that it will release Kevin Tenney’s zombie gorefest Brain Dead in select theaters March 20 as part of The B Movie Nation. See below for a complete list of the venues where the movie will be splattering onto screens.

Scripted by Dale Gelineau, Brain Dead (which has no connection to either the Peter Jackson film a.k.a. Dead/Alive, or the Roger Corman production with Bill Pullman) begins with a meteorite falling to Earth with an organism attached that infects a fisherman and turns him into a brain-eating ghoul. Pretty soon he has transformed numerous others into ravenous undead, and they terrorize a motley sextet of people who take shelter in a cabin in the woods. Joshua Benton, David Crane, Sarah Grant Brendecke, Michelle Tomlinson, Andy Forrest and Cristina Tiberia star; Bad Biology’s Gabe Bartalos created the copious makeup FX. You can check out

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