Cool retro poster and new trailer for ambitious scifi flick Humanity's End

When I first saw footage from Neil Johnson's ambitious scifi flick, Humanity's End, I was immediately blown away by what a SFX extravaganza it was shaping up to be. But man, nothing prepared me for what I'm seeing in this new trailer that's been released for the project. Sure the CGI work isn't up to the level of what I assume James Cameron is cooking up for us with Avatar but the sheer amount of wicked FX shots and costumes in this thing is just mind boggling. I gotta see this thing now.

The year is 3313. Mankind is being systematically massacred throughout the galaxy by an invading species.

All hope is lost until the last strand of pure human DNA is found on a remote planet in the far reaches of the galaxy. Now, an epic battle will be waged across time and space to save and protect the last of the human race.

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