Starz/Anchor Bay doing animated Inferno game-to-film

Just a couple of weeks after it was announced that Universal would be turning the upcoming Electronic Arts video game Dante’S Inferno into a feature film, now Variety reports that Starz Media will produce an animated Inferno movie through its Film Roman division. Anchor Bay will release it on DVD.

The project reps a reunion of Starz/Film Roman/Anchor Bay, EA and producer Joe Goyette from last year’s game tie-in flick Dead Space: Downfall. Dante’S Inferno will be directed by Victor Cook, who helmed Anchor Bay’s Hellboy Animated: Blood And Iron, from a script by Iron Man: Armored AdventuresBrandon Auman. Like the game, it will follow the titular hero as he ventures through the nine circles of hell in a quest to rescue his true love, Beatrice.

“The animated feature will be a great companion piece to the game,” Jonathan Knight, Dante’S Inferno

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