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Review of "Pedro"

Fifteen years after his death, the network that brought the voice of openly gay Cuban-American AIDS educator Pedro Zamora to the world is once again celebrating his work and legacy. On April 1st MTV and several of its affiliates (including Logo, the parent company of will be broadcasting Pedro, a biopic of the beloved reality star.

And while the film may lack the polish, star power or distinct narrative voice of Oscar-winning brother-in-arms Milk, Pedro pays earnest tribute to a man who shattered preconceptions about gay people and people living with AIDS in millions of homes in America and beyond.

Much like Milk (both scripts come from Academy Award-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black), Pedro introduces us to its subject near the end of his life, in a moment of reflection. It is 1994, and Zamora (played by relative newcomer Alex Loynaz), at the height of his Real World fame,

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