Release Date: Feb. 27

Director: Carlos Saura

Cinematography: Jose Luis Lopez-Linares and Eduardo Serra

Starring: Carlos Do Carmo, Mariza, Catarina Moura, Argentina Santos, Maria da Nazare

Studio/Run Time: New Yorker Films, 88 mins.

A celebration of music on film

In Carlos Saura’s eighth film about music, he tackles the obscure and archaic Fado, a form of song that remains in its purest form just two guitarists and a singer. Fados explores its past in Lisbon and the cultural heritage that surrounds the music. But this isn’t a History Channel-style documentary—Saura treats us to the form’s legacy through song, dance and recreation in what ultimately amounts to a series of music videos. Fados is a clear descendent of his 1995 film Flamenco, which was also a series of musical vignettes shot on a soundstage. The film takes the concept further in every way possible, though, by littering the shots with mirrors,

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