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AMC Launches Bmc Online

B-movie fans rejoice. AMC, which some of you may remember at one time stood for "American Movie Classics" until the "classic" portions of the name became rather dubious, has just launched Bmc (B-Movie Classics), a subsidiary of AMC's website streaming classic and not-so-classic B-movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Mac McKean, Vice-President of Digital Media for AMC, tells TV Week: “B-movies may have been low-budget and less publicized motion pictures, but they had a huge fan base that transcended generations and still exists today. Bmc is a new platform that caters to an on-demand audience, giving film lovers direct access to B-movies from the 1950s and ’60s.”

The Bmc website greeting goes a little something like this:

"Bikinis! Monsters! Motorcycles! Welcome to Bmc, your new go-to site for B-movies by the likes of John Carpenter (Dark Star) and Roger Corman (Saga of the Viking Women). Now online and in full screen,

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