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[DVD Review] The Night Before

12.00 Normal 0 false false false En-us X-none X-none MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 As a fan of Martin Scorsese's After Hours, I was pleasantly surprised to see "in the tradition of After Hours" on the back of the DVD case for the Keanu Reeves/Lori Loughlin 1988 vehicle The Night Before. Could this film match the frenetic energy of Scorsese's Kafkaesque journey through the hipster underworld? Well, The Night Before is no After Hours, but it scrapes by on sheer manic energy, as if director/co-writer Thom Eberhardt and writer Gregory Scherick are terrified of the viewer getting even slightly bored. All in all, The Night Before fits snugly into the 80's comedy category - with a few exceptions.

Winston Connelly (Keanu Reeves) has woken up on the street of the seediest Los Angeles neighborhood imaginable. He quickly realizes he has several significant setbacks, all related to the night before of which he has no recollection.

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