Caine's New Movie Made Him Cry

Caine's New Movie Made Him Cry

Sir Michael Caine dropped his regular fee to make new movie Is Anybody There? after the script reduced him to tears.

The Oscar winner plays a retired magician in the movie, about a young boy who grows up in a home for the elderly, and admits he would never have taken on a small-budget project for such a reduced wage - but he was forced to reconsider after reading the moving screenplay.

He says, "It's an extraordinary film. It's the only script I've ever read that made me cry. And I don't cry easily. So I said I'd do it. It's produced by David Heyman, who made (produced) the Harry Potter films, and he got me cheap. I was vulnerable."

Caine has dedicated his performance to a pal who recently lost his battle with Alzheimer's Disease.