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One-eyed Monster (DVD Review)

One-eyed Monster, just out on DVD from Liberation Entertainment, is a horror/comedy (with an emphasis on the comedy) set in the mountain wilderness of Mammoth Lakes, CA, where a porn shoot is taking place with adult-film legends Ron (“The Hedgehog”) Jeremy and Veronica Hart (playing themselves) plus a group of younger cast and crew. During the filming of one sequence, Jeremy can’t get his johnson to respond, and so he steps outside for some fresh air—where he’s possessed by an alien that appears as a flash of light in the sky.

When the director (Jeff Denton) subsequently asks Jeremy if his tallywhacker is now up to the task, the actor replies in the affirmative. Jumping back into the scene (and onto Hart), Jeremy puts his bratwurst to the test. All seems well…until he starts to convulse and Hart starts to scream. Cut is quickly called

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