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Cannes 08: International Critics' Week Line Up

  • Critic’s Week is a smaller-in-scope, parallel event that might come across as Cannes' least desirable, but the fact is: this is a sidebar that manages to offer some solid debut and second time efforts. Last year, the Espace Miramar (a serious walk from the traffic jams of the festival core) was overwhelmed by salivating fans awaiting the solo screening for Gael Garcia Bernal debut film Déficit, but the section also offered international festival favorites in Etgar KeretEtgar Keret
[/link] and Shira Geffen’s Jellyfish (Meduzot) and Lucia Puenzo Xxy and special screenings for Juan Antonio Bayona’s horror mystery The Orphanage and French filmmaker pairing Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo’s bone chilling horror film Inside (À l'intérieur). Now in their 47th edition, this year’s slate of ten films (5 out of 7 in competition titles are first time efforts and have the added chance at grabbing the camera d’or

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