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Gilles Jacob's picks for 08' edition of the Cannes Résidence

  • Sort of like what the Sundance labs do to nurture promising (mostly U.S) filmmaker talent, the Cannes Résidence, presided by Gilles JacobGilles Jacob
[/link], does the exact same with world talents. This year's six new candidates include the Mexican helmer Francisco Vargas Quevedo whose festival favortie El Violin (The Violin) garnered international acclaim and he is joined by Rebecca Daly (Irish, 28 years old), Nikias Chryssos (German, 29 years old), Adrian Sitaru (Romanian, 36 years old), Manuel Nieto Zas (Uruguayan, 35 years old) and Yang Heng (Chinese, 32 years old). Each year twelve participants are selected and invited to live in Paris for four and a half months as they embark on a course designed to help them in the writing and production of their films, with invaluable help and support from film professionals. The Résidence has received more than ninety directors since 2000, and assisted in the making of some fifty films. Recent examples include

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