Interview: Dylan McCormick

  • Four different people, four different hang-ups, four different dreams all heading in the same direction - New York City. New York is where a lot of people test their strengths against the world. It is a force that pulls many people in. Many leave their loved ones behind in search of their dreams in this cold, grey city. A person can change after moving to New York and this is what the main character of Four Lane Highway (2005)Four Lane Highway
[/link] regretfully finds out. A young man, Sean (Fred Weller), who used to be a writer, to the extent of even being published in the New Yorker, is now just a laborer working and living in a small college town in Maine. He gave up his dream of being of working writer because of all the complications that come with it and the lack of support from his accomplished father. After a day of work,

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