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MindFlesh: A Movie Review

Director: Robert Pratten.

Writer: William Scheinman, and Robert Pratten.

Originally a Scheinman horror novel "MindFlesh," delves into themes of sexual trauma, Buddhist teachings, and an alien presence in a successful attempt to jar the viewer's thinking in relation to reality. Posing the question: what would happen if your mind could bring into reality your subconscious thoughts "MindFlesh," is a mind bender and teacher all in one. Shot independently the plot and story can really only be scratched in this review.

Put simply "MindFlesh," revolves around central character Chris (Peter Bramhill) envisioning a mysterious woman who suddenly materializes, blood-soaked, in his apartment. Acting as a vessel for Chris to resolve earlier childhood trauma the woman, a Goddess, mutely enacts every desire of his mind. The Goddess has been delivered by an alien presence in order for Chris to find wholeness by facing his past.

Shot in High Definition for an independent budget "MindFlesh,

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