Interview: 'Warehouse 13'

In July, Sci Fi Channel, which by then will be called by its new moniker, Syfy, debuts a new series, Warehouse 13. Starring Joanne Kelly (Vanished, Jeremiah), Eddie McClintock (Bones, Desperate Housewives), and Saul Rubinek (Frasier, Leverage), the paranormal themed show is set in South Dakota, where the U.S. government maintains a warehouse that houses “strange artifacts, mysterious relics, fantastical objects and supernatural souvenirs”.

Kelly and McClintock are two Secret Service agents who, after saving the life of a president, are transferred to the South Dakota facility, where they meet the caretaker, Artie Nielsen, played by Rubinek.

McClintock’s Pete Lattimer sees the assignment as a reward, but Kelly’s Myka Bering can’t help but feel like she’s being punished. Regardless, their new responsibility is to chase down new objects that belong in the warehouse.

Warehouse 13 is lensed largely on location in and around Toronto. The

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