Has ‘Conan’ Found Its Star In Another Austrian Bodybuilder?

From Splash Page: Last week, the new “Conan” found its director in the gore-happy Marcus Nispel (”Friday the 13th”). The hunt was on for the man to wield the broadsword, and Lionsgate was said to be on the lookout for an unknown to play the iconic part. The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that they may have found him …. and he’s a dead ringer for cinema’s first Conan, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Austrian actor Roland Kickinger is currently in talks to star in the remake, and is not only a physical match for the original “Conan the Barbarian” actor, but he shares a similar biography. He’s a body-builder turned actor, and he had a role as a T-800 in this summer’s “Terminator: Salvation.” He also played Ah-nuld in “See Arnold Run,” an A&E biopic about the Schwarzenegger’s run for the California governor’s office.

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