Confirmed: Jenö Hodi's Engame will be post-apocalyptic!

Back in April we brought word of an insane sounding project from director Jenö Hodi (American Kickboxer 2, Metamorphosis) called Endgame, which will combine the awesome artistic vision of Luis Royo with high octane, Hong Kong style action.

The plot involves a young mathematician who dies in a car crash and then finds himself a pawn in a cosmic game of chess among Greek Gods. But now, we've learned that the film will also incorporate a heavy section of Pa. Check it out, here's the latest synopsis for the film:

From a post-apocalyptic New York, to modern day Death Valley to the underworld of Greek mythology, a game has been played down through the centuries. This is Endgame, where fearless heroes and heroines are pitted against the demon armies of Hades.

Should be pretty cool. I'm having visions of Tony Randel's Fist of the Northstar.

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