"Quiet Chaos" review (4/5). Nanni Moretti shows his heartfelt and complex side

Watch Italian actor and director Nanni Moretti’s complex and heartfelt performance as a grieving widower in the family drama “Quiet Chaos” (Caos Calmo) and try to imagine a time when he was quickly summed up as Italy’s answer to Woody Allen. Few actors are capable of performances that speak so truthfully about men, their complicated relationships with work and family and their way in the modern world, like Moretti. He’s in a league all his own. While Moretti forgoes directing “Quiet Chaos” in place of fellow Italian Antonello Grimaldi, his performance is strong enough to cancel any nostalgia for his alter ego Michele, the funny protagonist of his early films “Ecce Bombo,” “Sweet Dreams” and “Palombella Rossa.” Thankfully, Moretti’s comic touch remains intact throughout “Quiet Chaos,” a drama that benefits from spots of laughter. More importantly, Moretti displays a skill for drama far better than any of Allen’s serious efforts.

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