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Twilight star Taylor Lautner is one young man who will make it

Before starring in 2008’s Twilight, you might have seen Taylor Lautner in a couple of children’s films, but now, even cave-dwellers can’t miss this young star. At a mere seventeen years old, the world knows this young man’s name – and will be hard-pressed to forget it any time soon. Beginning as a martial artist, Lautner’s main goal in childhood life, it seemed, was karate. Adorned with numerous awards for his stellar and ahead-of-his-time talent at this craft, Lautner endlessly impressed on-lookers and was once laughingly accused of show-boating by one news anchor. Yet, that was not all Lautner was good at – or loved. When he was seven, he began to pursue an interest in acting. Taylor Lautner got his start back in 2001 as Kismet in Shadow Fury. Paying his dues in small featurette roles in such series as Summerland and The Bernie Mac Show, Lautner climbed

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