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Spanish Pa short Estigmas reminiscent of Pisma Myortvogo Cheloveka

Not to be confused with the Spanish stigmata drama we've been following, this is actually a short film which looks incredibly post apocalyptic with lots of sick experimentation and reminiscent of Konstantin Lopushansky's Pisma Myortvogo Cheloveka which was co-written by Boris Strugatsky. Another great find from our friend D'mooN at Opium.

During World War II, German scientists developed Futhark Five, a substance that allowed human beings to reach a superior status. As Germany fell, the atomic bomb spread throughout the crumbling ruins of the fading nation. Simultaneously, an underground society that practiced mind control discovered Futhark Five. This sect used the substance and its effects for experimentation, manipulation, and ultimately, for the total destruction of mankind.

Full short film after the break. You can purchase the dvd here.

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