J-horror splatterfest Meatball Machine: R2 Review

irector: Junichi Yamamoto and Yudai Yamaguchi. Review: Adam Wing. Another day, another Japanese head-fuck. To be fair though, the plot for Meatball Machine reads like the latest best selling romance novel. A shy boy called Yoji (Issei Takahashi) works at a factory in a dead end job; he’s an outcast, a misfit, and a loner. Ignored and ridiculed by his workmates, he finds scant satisfaction each day watching a girl from across the way on his lunch break. The girls name is Sachiko (Aoba Kawai) and just like him, she’s shy too. More to the point, she’s liked Yoji from a distance for quite sometime. Even though he just kind of sits there and stares at her, not in the least bit creepy then. The only problem is, they're both really shy (have I mentioned that?) and it’s not until Sachiko is attacked by a rampaging sex maniac that romance blossoms.

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