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Videolog DVD & Blu-ray News 7.07.2009

In this incarnation of our Videolog column (which began in 1982 with VHS and Betamax), Starlog now posts information Tuesdays on selected genre titles being released (or re-released) on DVD and Blu-ray. Prices listed are Msrp, though the clickable links lead to Amazon where the savings is significant. Here’s what’s out this week (mostly today):

DVD Releases for July 7, 2009

Doctor Who: Attack Of The Cybermen (BBC Warner, $24.98): Episode 138 of the cult British TV series involves a distress call that lures the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) and Peri (Nicola Bryant) into London’s sewer system, dragging them into an interplanetary plot involving diamond thieves and the Cybermen.

Doctor Who: The Rescue/The Romans (BBC Warner, $34.98): A pairing of episodes 10 & 11. In “The Rescue,” the First Doctor (the late William Hartnell) and friends help out two survivors of an attack by the Didonians. In the “The Romans,

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