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Locarno Film Festival unveils lineup

Locarno, a Swiss fest dedicated to indie arthouse fair, especially with an arthouse lilt, has unveiled its lineup and it includes 10 world premiers. Locarno premiers serious weirdness (and awesomeness) like David Manuli's Beket (review here) which bowed last year.

I have yet to go through everything, so I'm just posting this as of now.

Check the full lineup after the break.

The Locarno Film Festival

Piazza Grande

"500 Days of Summer," Marc Webb, U.S. (opener)

"Blue Sofa" (short), Giuseppe Baresi, Pippo Delbono, Lara Fremder, Italy

"The Two Horses of Genghis Khan" (closer), Byambasuren Davaa, Germany

"Giulias Verschwinden," Christoph Schaub, Switzerland

"La Guerre des fils de la lumiere contre les fils des tenebres," Amos Gitai, France

"The Valley," Mihaly Gyorik, Switzerland-Italy-Hungary

"Les Derniers jours du monde," Arnaud Larrieu and Jean-Marie Larrieu, France-Spain-Taiwan

"Les Yeux de Simone" (short), Jean-Louis Porchet, Switzerland-France

"My Sister's Keeper," Nick Cassavetes, U.S.

"Petit Indi," Marc Recha,

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