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[DVD Review] Dakota Skye

You know, it must be a nice to be a character in an independent film; even when you’re faced with major existential and relationship crises, they seem to be easily solved by trite monologues, acoustic guitar riffs, and staring off into the sunset for a long enough duration of time. It worked for Garden State, it worked for Juno, and by golly, it’s going to work for Dakota Skye. And by work, I mean annoy the living Hell out of me. Granted, Dakota Skye hasn’t become quite the thorn in my paw that the other mentioned films have been, but I suspect that’s due only to those films' complete omnipresence during the years of their release. In fact, I’m sure of it.

Dakota Skye (Eileen April Boylan) is a fairly typical teenage girl with a dumb name and an ambivalent attitude about what she wants to do with her life,

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