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The Runaways Set Pics: Now You Know Their Names

Matching the actress to The Runaways character has become an effortless task thanks to this clever real-life guide plastered onto the young ladies' bosoms. As you can see in the photos below that came from Ok Magazine, Kristen Stewart's shirt is alerting everyone that she is Joan Jett. And Dakota Fanning is Cherie Currie. Stella Maeve is Sandy West and Alia Shawkat is Robin (aka the fictional character based on Micki Steele). What do you all think? Will these shirts actually appear in the movie? Or are they designed for some sort of publicity shoot? Or better yet, were they conceived so the rest of the cast and crew could keep the girls' names straight? Share your best guess and back it up in the Comments section below. The Runaways will arrive in theaters in 2010. If you missed it, check out this short video of Kristen and Dakota jamming on stage,

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