Comic-Con: Dexter’s Past Explored Through Animated Webisodes, John Lithgow’s Killer Instinct

Because almost everything in certain parts of Comic Con was already running late today, but not quite everything, I raced from the Avatar footage (impressive, incredibly detailed, still more cartoonish than I expected) to the Dexter panel, only to finally be allowed to enter the hall just as the Season Four trailer finished. So I didn't get to see the first footage of Dexter, Rita and their new son Harrison, nor the clips of John Lithgow as this season's 'killer of the year'. I did see an image from Dexter: Early Cuts, the animated webisodes that will detail the killer's early years, and a bit of footage from the video game soon to be released on the iPhone/iTouch platform. And even without seeing the trailer, I got quite a bit of information out of the panel discussion that followed. It's after the break, as are embeds of both

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